O-ring sealed sump plate Black Anodize

O-ring sealed sump plate Black Anodize
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Product Description

O-ring sealed sump plate for 1600 T1 based engines with full flow oiling without the stock filter screen.

When I designed this plate I wanted something bullet proof, I wanted a plate that would last. One of the down falls of other plates on the market is they are thin at the flange. They will take a 3/8 plate and make the counter bores deep enough to use the stock hardware resulting in a flange that is really only .075 thick. They do this so they donít have to include hardware therefore keeping their cost down. Now common sense tells you that if a steel plate with a flange of .075 will not hold up how will an aluminum one? It wonít. My plate is .250 thick at the flange it will not deform from years repetitive use. Because my plate is so thick at the flange you will need to extend your studs or replace them with the supplied studs.


Made in the USA

This is a kit with high quality hardware included.

Sealed with Viton O-rings, no cheap Buna O-rings here.

Three pages of detailed instructions, we donít sell you a part and let you figure it out.

Extra thick flange so it is built to last.

Plug hole is 14mmx1.5 thread so you can reuse your stock plug .

My sump plates come with real German made copper sealing washers not those cheapo copper plated steal washers that leak.

Intended for use with a deep sump these are 4.700" dia and the going directly to the case would require clearancing. Also this plate is not going to seal to a sump that has a pitted sealing surface.

***Please note that you canít use the stock filter screen with this sump plate.***

This is the same kit as #716 but in black anodize.