IDA jet stack covers

IDA jet stack covers
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Product Description

I find these really help keep the dirt out of the jet area on IDAís. You would be amazed how much dirt can go through the stock screens. Yes they fit over the stock screens. Yes they will fit my stack hold downs. They will not work with all stacks some stacks are larger OD at the bottom and will hit the screens/covers. There are 36 holes in a pair (yes lots of fun deburring them). Price is for a pair.

I made these because I wanted something different to go on my dadís show car without logos and to continue the holes theme we had going. Then friends wanted some. Jaycee originated the concept and I donít want to compete with him on these hence why I price these higher than his and donít advertise them and sell like 6 sets a year. If you are after jet stack covers buy Jayceeís , if you are building a show car and want something different here you goÖÖ..